About Segway

Segway was invented and introduced in United States of America by Dean Kamen in 2001. And by 2002 Segway was launched in series production. Lots of people appreciated it’s dynamics, easy controllability and maneuverability, but there were also conservatives, those who were against Segways and did not want to recognize this apparate of the future. But soon Segways got largely used in various spheres: police and army of lots of counries use segways; they have become irreplaceable in tourism industry, Thanks to a DYNAMIC STABILIZATION system, which makes them extremely easy to control. You step on it, start to think where to go, and Seagway is already reading your thoughts, and reacts to all your mouvements. All the control is intuitive. It is possible, thanks to 5 gyroscopic sensors, which can calculate hundreds of actions per second.

Segway is the future!
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