To business clients

Advertising on segways

If you want to efficiently promote your product please contact us.

Segway is a 100% successful advertisement to your company, because the segway is a New in our life, and the New would always attract more attention, that is why publicity on our segways certainly will be noticed.

Corporate events

Do You want to have fun corporate party and rally the team? You are at the right place!

We lend segways for corporate parties, teambilding and other activities. We organise «Teambilding» as a relay races on segways. You’ll spend a great time and rally the team.  During the event everyone who wants can ride a segway, segways can be rented for 7 hours or 35 km. Just 2 minutes training, and you are good to go.

Gift certificate

We offer 3 gift certificates. With them, you can purchase any our tour.

Gift card 40 €

Gift card 75 €

Gift card 90 €

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